Homemade Christmas Decor

Well I am so happy that it is December and one of my favourite holidays. This year has been long and tough on everyone and I’m sure we are all glad to be moving on to a new year! I must admit I am not as crafty as I would like to be but since I have a bit more free time this year I have decided to try this festive trend of making Christmas ornaments with dried oranges. It is pretty easy and fun and you will be proud of yourself when you get to use them around your home.

I have seen lots of pretty garlands on pinterest with wood beads and oranges and that was my goal in the beginning but after searching for 2 days and several stores with no luck finding any beads. I decided to think outside the box and use another material. I found a bag of small round wood slices at the dollar store. I knew it would look just as cute and rustic. I found one small string of wood beads with a tassel on the end so I decided that could be the middle of my garland. It was super fun to make and it looks great in my kitchen. I made a few smaller ones and used them on my tree for ornaments and one my front door wreath.

What are some of your favourite Christmas crafts to make??

For this project you just need some twine string (I bought at the dollar store.) A long thick sewing needle, 3 oranges, wood rounds.


Cut the orange into 1/4 inch slices, bake in the oven on parchment paper at 250 degrees for 2-3 hours until all the justice is dried up and they are solid.

String the wood and orange slices on the twine with the sewing needle in any pattern or order you like.

Enjoy your beautiful garland!

xx Malika

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Christmas Decor – Home Tour

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year! Growing up Christmas was full of family traditions. We always baked cookies, cut down a real tree (and strapped it to the top of my Mom’s station wagon), spent the night decorating it (with our friends), attended holiday party’s, went to church to hear the choir sing and visited local Christmas craft fairs. I have many fond memories of the holidays. Being a mom now, I want to make new traditions and memories with my person (my boyfriend Hamid) and Preston, my 9 year old son. 🙂 Every year we find new Christmasy things to do but we usually make time to bake some gingerbread cookies, host our annual holiday party for friends, watch Christmas movies (elf and home alone are favourites) and go see the Christmas lights at Stanley Park. This year we have also been to the Vancouver Christmas Market, seen the Christmas lights display at Leafage Lake as well as the Christmas trees and the Four Season Hotel. Its been busy and its only December 8th!!

One thing I really love about this blog is that I can go back and see how I decorated my home for Christmas the previous year. Some things I keep similar but my style is always evolving so my Christmas decor seems to change every year. This past year I have changed quite a bit in my living room so I thought the holiday decor should as well. I have some traditional elements as well as some more modern things. I really love this shelf in the picture above, it changes all the time, I like to keep things on it some what simple as I don’t like the over cluttered look.  This gold Bambi is one of my favourite new things I bought this year from Home Goods. The frame is from Home Sense and the stag is a print I got online, the gold “love” letters are from Michaels crafts, and the trees are also from Home Sense.

This is kind of a sneak peek at my tree. I find my camera or more lack of photography skills never does my tree justice in a picture so I think this is a nice way to show it off. Last year I was into lots of red and teal ornaments but since my ling room is more emerald green now, those colours didn’t seem to go with my pillows or new gallery wall. So I changed the overall scheme to golds, browns and dark green ornaments. It feels more earthy and I really like it. This wreath I scored at Holly Lobby and the wood heart in the middle is from Bella and Wren in Fort Langley. I am also kind of obsessed with my wood beads, I have three sets of them now, I think they look so cool.

I always add a few festive pillows to my couch and a pom pom throw is essential! What is your favourite part of your house to decorate?! I hope you all have a magical Christmas, it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

xx Malika

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