Who Is More Excited for Kindergarten?!

back to school backpack

When I was a kid it was a love hate relationship with going back to school. I hated that summer lake days were over but I loved going back to school shopping and seeing my friends again. My son Preston is very excited to start school this year. It is too bad that the school year here in British Columbia has not started yet due to a strike! I hope it is resolved soon. I had so much fun going out and buying back to school clothes and supplies for my little guy. I did however forget what a dou-tang was….lol. I know kids don’t care that much how they dress when they are 5 years old….but I couldn’t help getting preston some cool threads from h&m and the Gap. 😉 I want him to look super cute on his first week of school. I know some parents have anxiety letting there little ones leave the nest for school. I am more excited then anxious but I do hope that he makes friends and is well behaved… 🙂 I am excited for this next chapter and I know that school will be great for my son, he is so smart and I think he is going to love learning. What are you most excited or anxious about for this school year? I would love to hear your feed back. Please please leave me a comment. 🙂

Bck to School clothes

school supplies

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Packing a Healthy Work Lunch

Bento Box Sushi

I hope everyone is out enjoying the beautiful sunny weather this weekend while it lasts! 🙂 I went to the beach today and think it might have been one of the last times I go this year…… I know I posted a little while ago about packing kids lunches, but what about packing your own lunch?! I have always tried to pack my lunch at least a few days a week. One because its cheaper then eating out and two because it’s healthy then eating out! 😉 I have a new job where I pack my lunch almost everyday now because the choices for eating out near my work are limited and not very healthy. So I thought I would show you guys some great adult lunch ideas 😉 .  I have been “borrowing” my sons bento box because it is so handy with all the compartments for packing a variety of things for lunch. I usually try to plan to take leftovers from dinner to work the next day because it seems to be the easiest. One day I took leftover sushi that I made and it was soooo good. I also packed leftover black rice and tofu with a salad one day…..just be careful with the dressing, my lid wasn’t on tight enough and it leaked all over!

Bento Box Lunch rice

I usually pack a few snacks to get me from breakfast till  lunch and lunch till dinner…..what can I say I am always hungry! I like to pack a piece of fruit like an apple, banana or grapes, I also usually pack snacks like almonds, sesame snack bites, flax crackers and hummus or a rice cake with avocado. There are so many healthy foods you can pack, just pick what you like and plan ahead! 😉 Making your own lunch can be fun and easy and it will defiantly benefit your bank account and waist line.

healthy snacks

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Back to School Lunch Ideas

school lunch 2

How many of you are parents?! This is the first year of school for my only child…..It’s kind of a big deal for me! He is so excited to go to school and play with other kids his own age.  He has no siblings and the kids in his daycare lately have been much younger then him, so he will love this new chapter of life. I had fun going out and getting all of his school supplies, backpack and lunch containers. I found this awesome bento box at target and I may need to buy more because I want one for myself!! It has 4 compartments so you can pack food and it wont get all mixed together, which is great for little picky eaters. 😉 I have found it hard in the past to come up with new lunch ideas, but my son has recently broadened his taste buds, so lunches are getting easier. I am not a fan of sending kids to school with a whole bunch of pre packaged “food” (if you can even call it food) for lunch. The more food you can make in your own home the more nutrients you are giving to your child. I know we all have busy lives, but spending an hour to prep lunches each week can make a huge difference.

bento box lunch

There are a few snacks that I don’t make at home and I feel totally ok sending them along with the rest of my sons lunch. I like to get things like organic unsweetened apple sauce, raisins, organic granola or cereal bars, Annie’s bunny crackers or greek yogurt. When I build his lunch its nice to try and include all of the food groups. Sometimes I send a piece of cheese or a small yogurt. A piece of fruit or two like: grapes, banana, apple slices, berries or melon. Cut up veggies are always a hit with Preston, he loves: cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber slices and cut up bell peppers. Then I like to send a staple like a peanut butter and jam sandwich on sprouted grain bread or a cheese quesadilla in a brown rice wrap or a homemade muffin. I know that most schools have now banned peanuts so peanut butter is not always an option, I think cream cheese and jam is a good substitution. I hope some of these ideas inspire you to create yummy, fun healthy lunches for your kids! 🙂

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Welcome To My Blog

blog intro

I thought I would start off by introducing myself. I am a mother, a foodie, a traveler and a cook. I love to find new healthy recipes and try re-creating them in my kitchen. I decided to start this blog as a way to share my passion for health and food. I grew up in a  small town with alternative parents and they raised me to be a vegetarian. When I became an adult and lived on my own I decided to incorporate seafood and chicken into my diet.

In the past year I have been trying different eating habits to help me with some of my health issues. The main dietary change has been to  stop eating chicken, cut out dairy and reduce my gluten intake. I feel that eating a mostly plant based diet is best for me. I am not going to categorize myself as a vegan as I will still eat seafood on occasion. I have had a hard time giving up cheese as it was one of my great loves for over 30 years….haha. I am avoiding cheese but still allow my self to have goat cheese varieties such as goat cheese mozzarella on my pizza from time to time :).

This is my journey to health and happiness and I hope you can join me along fort the ride!

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