Countdown to Christmas

Wow, it is less then a week away till Christmas day! It’s funny how the last few weeks before Christmas just fly by and you find yourself doing all those last minute things in a panic. I just had my own holiday party over the weekend and I think this might be the first year I didn’t make any of the food from scratch. I don’t even feel guilty about it, its hard to do it “all” with a job and a child, I know I’m not superwomen! It’s ok to buy store bought cookies and feed your guests lots of bread and cheese! 😉 Our party was a success and we have tons of leftover treats to enjoy over the next week.

We bought most of the food from Trader Joe’s and the rest was from Whole Foods. I do have some favourite holiday recipes if you are interested in checking them out. I will link each one to the recipe. I just love this cranberry apple sangria, it’s always a party hit. Another favourite if you fancy making something sweet is this pumpkin pudding with coconut whip! For christmas morning I love this tomato and basil strata. I don’t usually have to make the big Christmas dinner as I go to my moms and she does it every year. I do however have a few good side dish recipes like warm cranberry, squash and feta salad, cauliflower mash instead of regular potatoes or hasselback sweet potatoes instead of mashed yams?!

Whatever your holiday traditions are remember not to get stressed out, Christmas is about enjoying special time with your family and friends. Besides having family time I just love this season as it is about joy and hope and giving. Watching the magic of Santa as my son opens his stocking on Christmas morning is my favourite. Merry Christmas friends!

xx Malika

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Holiday Traditions & Baking

Christmas for me as a child was a magical experience. As we grow up some of the wonder and magic disappears…. especially after we find out about Santa. 😉 But that doesn’t mean Christmas can’t still be the most wonderful time of the year! Some of my favourite things to do now that I am an adult are go to the German Christmas market here in Vancouver, ride the Christmas train with all the lights in Stanley Park with my son and bake holiday treats.  Christmas movie nights, hot chocolate and egg nog are all on my list as well. What are your favourite traditions or recipes?

Over the years I have gone back and forth between eating gluten and grain free to just eating whatever I want so I have a variety of recipes to suit any diet. From gingerbread men to snowballs, I hope you enjoy making some of these recipes with your family, I know my son really enjoys helping me bake. He even has his own little apron. Happy Baking! 🙂

Coconut Snow Balls 

Gingerbread Bites

Gingerbread Men 

Chocolate Peppermint Macaroons

Pomegranate Bliss Bars

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Holiday Party Food

Tomatoe and boccocini


Thanks goodness its Sunday and I can be lazy all day! 😉 Last nights party was a success but my head is hurting a bit from too many glasses of wine…….! I have already cleaned up all the dishes and put my house back in order, which is always the hardest part. This year I was smart and only served one hot apply that required heating in the oven, so when the guests arrived I didn’t have to do anything but get them a drink. 😉 My cranberry sangria from the previous post was a hit!

Meat board

old fashioned

My boyfriend wanted to serve his own signature cocktail so he made all the fellas “old fashioned” drinks, they were a hit. They are way too strong for me with mostly bourbon and no juice but a good stiff man drink! 😉 The menu for the party consisted of savoury and sweet tapas.  We served coconut shrimp with sweet chilli sauce, a meat and cheese board with olives and dried figs, a chèvre and blubbery jam tray with crackers and bread. I also served some of my homemade holiday baking, which included my coconut snow balls and gingerbread cookies as well as mini cheesecakes. My signature tapas is the mini cherry tomato, bocconcini and basil skewers with balsamic reduction. They are always a hit and super easy to make! I hope this post inspires you to throw your own little party. 😉

Mini Cheesecakes

The party Spread

Tomato and Bocconcini Skewers
Recipe type: Appietizer
Serves: 30
  • 1 pint of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 containers of mini bocconcini balls
  • 5 sprigs of fresh basil
  • 30 toothpicks
  • 2 tbs balsamic reduction
  1. Wash the tomatoes, then skewer the cheese, tomato on the toothpick.
  2. Rip the basil into small pieces and add them to then end of the skewer.
  3. Layer them on a serving dish and drizzle the balsamic reduction over top.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

 Crackers and cheese

Cookies party

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The Art of Entertaining

cheese plate


Who doesn’t love to throw a party?! 🙂 I take after my mother in this respect, she can throw a great dinner party. She is very detail oriented and makes sure everything is perfect form the place mats to the wine. I am glad she passed this love for entertaining on to me  .  Whenever I know that guest are coming over I make sure my home is tidy, that there is some kind of beverage on hand  and that I have some kind of snack to put out. My go to appie of choice is a plate with fruit, olives, spreads, crackers or bread and cheese. You can never go wrong with bread and cheese……ok I guess you can if they are lactose and gluten intolerant. I like to have gluten free crackers on hand as well. This plate in the photo has rice crackers, olive tepenade, fresh figs, goat cheese chèvre, hummus and brie cheese. You can put out whatever you like but having a few options for guests is always best.

champage is always the answer

bar cart


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