Winter Farmers Market

Farmers market winter

Today me and my little boy Preston braved the ugly weather and got some goodies at the Port Moody Farmer’s Market. I love supporting local farmers and small businesses.  There is always something new to try. 🙂 Today me and preston sampled some of the finest poutine I have ever tasted form Big Red’s food Truck….Yum! You can check my Instagram for the photo here.


market haul vegg

I love making squash soup so I picked up 2 different kinds of squash to make soup this week as well as some more organic veggies and some local gouda cheese from Golden Ears Cheesecrafters. Local handmade cheese beats those orange blocks of cheese from the grocery store any day of the week! I also grabbed some local organic eggs from Rockwell Farms in Abbotsford. They raise certified organic, BCSPCA Certified, chicken and eggs. Their birds are humanely treated and are non-medicated, which is important to me.

Rockwells eggs

If you live in the tri-cities the farmers market is a great little outing on a sunday, come hungry and pick up some fresh produce for the week ahead. Next Saturday, December 12 the Port Moody Market is having their annual Coquitlam Christmas Farmers Market, so come out and get some christmas goodies! 🙂

Veggies at market

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Fall Farmers Market


Happy Sunday! I have been crazy busy with my other job home staging, so I haven’t been in the kitchen as much this week. I went to the Coquitlam farmers market this morning and braved the rain. We got 5 minutes of sun and then it started raining again….. oh well. I still got lots of yummy fresh organic fall produce to use up this week. I got some beets, carrots, cauliflower, leeks, potatoes, pumpkin, squash and cucumber. I think I will be making some leek and cauliflower soup perhaps and some roasted beets……. I love getting home with my fresh produce and deciding what to make. I also got some beautiful local flowers to brighten up my table. I took my boyfriend with me and he grabbed some local havarti cheese, it looks divine. Too bad I can’t have any on my special diet right now, darn it!

[one_half last=”no” class=”” id=””]carrots[/one_half]
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I always love going to the framers market! 🙂  I wish I could get it together to go every week. I just love buying fresh food that I know is locally grown and made with care. Even the flower bouquets I know were put together with love. Hand made local cheese, freshly baked bread and home grown food just tastes better, don’t you think?! I feel happy when I am supporting local farmers and business. If you haven’t been out to the Coquitlam framers market, you should give it a go before the weather gets ugly. 😉 Hopefully I can create some new recipes this week!

xx Malika

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Market haul


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Tofino Food and Wine Festival 2015

Tacos and tofino wine fest

I had such a good time at the Tofino food and wine festival this weekend. 😉 This was my second time attending this event. I just love Tofino, I think it’s such a great little town full of young travellers, surfers and families. The weather was perfect, as Tofino tends to get more fog then any other place I know. If you haven’t been to the food and wine festival yet I highly recommend it. I’s set in the beautiful botanical gardens and you basically spend 3 hours grazing and sipping on Vancouver Island’s best food and wine. There were quite a few different wine reps and brew masters this year with their best wines and beers for sampling. There were also many local restaurants and bakeries offering delicious little nibbles as you toured through the garden.

[one_half last=”no” class=”” id=””]Tofino wine festival

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Oysters tofino wine fest

[/one_half] One of my boyfriends favourite samples was the super fresh oysters! How cute are the wood wine trays to hold our food and glasses?! What a great idea. 😉 Another great snack was the fresh shrimp tacos! The line up was long but totally worth it. This photo below of ahi tuna on wonton crackers was defiantly my favourite. All the seafood was super fresh including the little salmon pita’s pictured below. Needless to say we didn’t leave hungry!

Yumm food and wine fest tofino

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Botanical gardens tofino wine fest[/one_half]

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Eats at tofino food and wine[/one_half]

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Bus and the garden

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Cider tofino food and wine fest

[/one_half] As for the wine, I quite enjoyed sampling most of the wines and a few tasty ciders. The BC Tree Fruits Cider pictured below was delicious. I also liked the wine from Lone Tree Cellars and I was in heaven with the honey wine from Meadow Vista. If you haven’t been to Tofino’s Grazing in the gardens yet, I think its worth the trip next summer. The roads are long and winding but the beautiful beaches, friendly people and this awesome event make it worth the trek! 😉

Tofino food and wine fest

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Review of the Gluten Free and Non-GMO Show

gluten free 3

way better snacks

Happy Sunday. 🙂 I had a great time today at the Gluten Free and Non-GMO Expo in Vancouver. Did anyone else attend? This is my first time going and I was impressed with all of the free samples and friendly people. I am glad that I went hungry because I tried almost every kind of gluten free cookie, chip, bread, beer and pasta there was…..!

One must keep in mind that just because something is gluten free does not necessarily mean that it’s healthy, but there was definlty some great healthy options. I love the fact that these are local companies and I can support them. Since starting my elimination diet I have had a hard time finding a gluten free bread that I love that is not loaded with sugar and other nasty ingredients. After trying several different breads today I think I might have a few more tasty options.

Gluten free 6


Gluten free 2

There were over 100 vendors sampling products at the convention. Some I liked more than others. 😉 I will be doing a separate blog post and featuring a few of my favourites. I can’t say that I will always eat gluten free but I think I’m going to keep “avoiding” it as it seems to make my tummy happy. I must admit I never thought much about gluten being in alcohol. Gluten is found in many different kinds of spirits and beer. I had no idea that vodka had gluten in it… learn something new everyday. I did enjoy sampling some great tasting local gluten-free beer, but I think I will stick to my gluten free wine. 🙂

Gluten Free Expo 1

gluten free 5

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Diner en Blanc 2014

cheers dinner en blanc

table diner en blanc

Has anyone been to the famous Diner En Blanc?! It is so much fun. 🙂 This is my third year attending this event in Vancouver. It originated in Paris about 20 years ago and was brought over to Canada a few years back and is now the event of the summer in major cities across Canada. It is basically a huge pop up picnic in the middle of the cities downtown core. The last 2 years it has been held in parks overlooking the ocean, which makes for a great backdrop. You must bring everything you need for the picnic including folding chairs and table, linens, plates, cutlery and the food itself. You preorder your wine with your ticket to the event. Everyone shows up in their best white ensemble and has a picnic together. It is amazing how you can be sitting with thousands of people you don’t know but everyone is smiling and being friendly and making friends. This years event had 3,500 people attend. We picked up all of our picnic food from Granville Island. We had a fresh baguette from Terra Breads, fresh goats milk gouda cheese,hummus, spinach salad with tomatoes and bocconcini, yam and feta salad and my man got thinly shaved prosciutto. For dessert we brought creme brûlée and tiramisu!! It was divine. 😉

Diner en Blanc Picnic

dessert deb

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