Setting the Table for Guests

If you are a Canadian like me,  you are in that strange decor stage between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I start getting all excited to put out my holiday decor but hold back the first few weeks of November…. at least until Remembrance day passes! I did however let myself buy these gorgeous new gold printed plates from the 40% off sale at Home Outfitters last week. They are Gluckstein Home  and the just look fab when you set the table. I used a mix of green and golds so it would not be over the top “Christmasy” and instead more of a classy winter dinner party look. I simply love these vintage style cocktail glasses I scored at Home Sense last year and the gold leather coasters are my favourite. The sparkly deer I picked up from Home Goods and I think it looks like it’s peeking out of the forrest with the faux fern plant behind it from Ikea. Now that the tables set, who’s coming over for dinner?!

I plan on starting to do my Holiday decorating this weekend, and transforming my home into a magical cozy wonderland. When do you start your holiday decorating?

xx Malika


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Roundup: New Gallery Wall and Home Decor

Happy November!! Omg I have been non existent on this blog this past year….yikes. I have just been so busy with work and life I haven’t been making blog posting a priority. I finally  bought a new camera battery and have had some down time this week so I decided to share a few pics from my recent home “refresh” I just finished this past week.

I have had the same black and white word art piece above our sectional for the past few years and I really did love that it was a nice neutral piece so I could change the pillows to any colour or pattern and they still went together. I just decided recently that it was time for a change! I really love a good gallery wall and so I decided to start collecting prints and art to make my own above the couch. It all come together last weekend after I finished getting the last few pieces on my shopping trip down to Bellingham. Man I love HomeGoods and Holly Lobby!! 🙂

I always feel a little bit lost with my decor in November, after Thanksgiving and Halloween I want to tuck the pumpkins and fall decor away but it is still a bit early to start decorating for Christmas. I can’t put up my tree till at least the end of the month. 😉  I still had my summer/spring pillows out and cactus decor everywhere, so I thought it was definitely time to put out some more warn and cozy winter items. I changed the couch pillows to warm and fuzzy ones and changed my coffee table tray as well as added some more wintery decor like candles and trees.  How cute is the gold lama on my tray?!




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How to make your table setting look great on a budget

Happy New!! Wow its already the third week into 2018, time sure is flying by. I took the photos for this post a while ago and just never had time to share them. Now that the busy Christmas season is behind us and all the decor is put away until next year, it seems fitting to refresh your space for a new year. I love how clean and uncluttered my place feels after it’s so full and busy in December.

I did a post a while back on table settings, I had used some items that were high and low priced. This table setting is mostly items I found at IKEA!! The teal placemats, blue and gold paper napkins, the chic black plates and the beautiful gold cutlery are all from IKEA. You don’t need to spent a ton of money to make your dinner party look chic. 😉 The cloth napkins, gold dipped candle and the gold vase are the few splurges from West Elm. The fake roses are fro the craft store Michael’s. The wine glasses are from HomeSense. I love having dinner party’s and setting the table just ads that extra special touch. I get this from my childhood as my mom always made me and my sister help set the table when guests were over.

I always have a tray styled that is a permanent fixture on my dining table when we are not all sitting down for a formal dinner. I have been using this black and gold tray I scored at Superstore, and I love it. I change up the decor on it every few months, this time everything on it was super cheap. I found the gold planter and fake fern at IKEA. The napkins are are also a bargain from IKEA. The 3 white vases I scored at my local dollar store and the cost $20 for all 3! You don’t need a lot of money to make your home beautiful and to show your guests your home has style. 😉

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Christmas Decor Home Tour

Welcome to my Christmas decor home tour! I love looking back at last years blog post to see how my decor has changed in the last 365days. 😉 As you know last spring we did some redecorating around here so when it came time to putting up the holiday decor I had to change a few things. First of all I moved the tree from being over by the window/patio door, to having it by my console and fire place. I think I like this spot much better, there was no room for it here in the past. Secondly I decided to purge and sell/give away a lot of my ornaments and blue/silver Christmas decor. Our house has a gold and teal theme now so I decided to only keep the ornaments that went with my new house style. I have a white flocked tree and I think red really pops so I have a lot more red ornaments now then I have in the past, and I love it. I really like to add a few holiday treasures in every room. I even but a min tree in my bathroom. I also added a few things in the bedroom on my vanity table. A little bit of Christmas everywhere! What is your favourite holiday decorating tradition?!

I spruced up my bar cart with this gold framed word art, added a gold wreath to the scotch bottle and added a few reminder!

My entryway console table was dressed up with some gold framed word art as well, and I found these cute little antique looking mini trees to put under my cloche. I LOVE the snowy owl, I feel like he is watching over us. 😉

This bar tray is on my other console with the floating shelves above it. I added some cute candy cane straws, some festive napkins and a snowy tree from HomeSense. This cute decoration of a mobile trailer with a tree on top is new and I just adore it.

This is my favourite spot on the couch. I just love to feel cosy by the fire and stare at the tree. I used this old black and gold tray as my starting point, I added some new gold and black candles, added some old gold lanterns from Ikea and a beautiful sparkly tree I found at HomeSense.

Here is my tree in all its glory. I never find that pictures do my tree justice, it looks way better in person. As always I did a ribbon garland around the tree and this year I added red berries for that extra special effect.

I think I accidentally started an owl ornament collection because this year I think I found at least a dozen of them. I love that each ornament has a special story and memory for me when I hang it up. Gosh I just love Christmas so much.

Last but not least my vanity got a cute rose gold tree and some lights and a reindeer with gold horns from Superstore. I love to find great decor and a great price!

Happy Holidays!

xx Malika


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Bedroom Makeover

Well it’s definitely been a while since my last post. It was a busy summer and a great September with my quick trip to New York! I’m so excited to finally share my bedroom make over with you guys. 🙂 It has been a long time coming. I really hated my old dark wood bedroom set and it was getting old and outdated. You can check out what our bedroom looked like here, on my previous home tour post. We finished redecorating it in June but I have been waiting for the final piece to arrive, my beautiful juju hat handmade from Cameroon, Africa. There were some issues with shipping and it just arrived this week. It really does complete the room and anchor our bed. I bought it on Etsy and saved a bunch of money as they sell at The Cross store in Vancouver for  $650!

I love love the midcentury modern side tables I scored from HomeSense. I also liked a similar style from West Elm but wanted to save money as we splurged on our sleigh bed frame from West Elm. The lamps are also a steal from Target in Bellingham. I’m so happy to finally have a vanity table to get ready at. The Ikea vanity was bought second hand from a friend and I added gold hardware to the drawer to dress it up. I finally have a spot for my vintage fur stool. 🙂

The mirror is also from HomeSense as well as the cool marble gold lamp. All the rose gold makeup tray and accessories I got from Home Outfitters. I knew we needed to add some green so I got this mini fiddle leaf fig tree from Ikea. The throw pillows on the bed are all from Hudson Bay. The white duvet is Ikea. I feel so cozy and relaxed in our light and bright bedroom. I’m very happy that we changed where the bed is located, now it is the first thing you see when you walk in the room and we can still see out the window from bed.

I found the 2 brown frames at second hand store a few months ago and they had some girly wall paper in them, which I liked. My boyfriend was not a fan, so when we were in New York we bought 2 photos that reminded us of our trip. I love waking up in the morning and being reminded that we love to travel.  Last but not least we replaced our huge old brown dresser with a smaller taller dresser, it’s grey and it’s sexy!! lol I love that is has self closing drawers and we didn’t have to put it together. It is originally form Moe’s Home but I scored it for half price at HomeSense. I hope you loved my bedroom update, what is the room in your house you would love to update?!

xxx Malika

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How To Make Your Patio Feel Cozy

I can’t believe that summer is more then half way through…a few more weeks and I will be back to full on boss lady mode. The kids go back to school, work will be very busy and weekends will slow down. I feel like summer lets go of all routines and There is something about the summer heat that makes me want to spend all day at the pool/lake and live on fruit and sandwiches. I hate using my oven and stove when its hot, so basically we live on cold food and take out in the summer. 😉

I plan on enjoying my patio for as long as the weather permits, which could take me into the middle of fall. Since moving to a condo, the concept of using every square foot as living space is huge! I want my patio to feel like an extension of my home. I know condo patios can feel small and grimy, especially with strata rules about deck cleaning. I always recommend to my clients to throw an outdoor rug on their patios or buy some outdoor flooring from IKEA. It really warms up the space when you feel good outside with bare feet. The next step is to create a seating area that fits your space, if you have large patio, you can buy an outdoor sectional or couch set. If you are like me, you need to keep it small and simple. Adding outdoor pillow is a MUST! 🙂 Then I would add some candles or lanterns to give the place some mood lighting at night. I also hung some mini outdoor lights outside for that glass of wine after the sun sets. Last but not least, you NEED to have plants on your patio/deck. Your space just wont feel alive and cozy without them. It is way too hot here in Vancouver and I am certainly no green thumb so all of my patio plants are fake. They last way longer and I don’t have any guilt over killing them. I found my faux lemon tree from Superstore!! If you are a gardener, by all means buy real plants to make your patio feel inviting and lush. This is actually the best time the year to buy patio items for next year as everything is on sale, winning!

xx Malika

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Setting the Table

Who else loves setting the table for guests?! We actually very rarely have dinner guests over. Tonight is one of those special occasions, we are having my boyfriends family over to see our place after changing most of the decor, I’m so excited! That being said we will probably oder Persian food and serve it buffet style from our kitchen. 😉 But I do love a good formally set dinner table! Growing up my mom always made us put out the fancy napkins, table cloths and silverware when we had a dinner party. It was fun for me and my sister to help. 10 years ago I remember registering for my wedding at the Bay and picking out boring dinner ware and beige napkins….how times have changed. 🙂 I went into West Elm last week and was so inspired by there beautifully set tables, I just had to recreate one of my own! Luckily I had a gift card to use so I picked up these mint green napkins at West Elm. The marble looking plates are from Walmart, can believe it?! There are 2 differ net set of bowls one from West Elm the other set the the rope like design is made in Portugal and I scored them on sale at HomeSense. The gold leaf leather drink coasters are from Wing Woo which is a kitchen store here in Vancouver. For the centre piece I decided to do a trio of items, a succulent, a gold pineapple and a wonderful scented candle form West Elm!

Obviously I don’t have the time or the energy to set the table like this on a weekly basis but it is fun to create something special once and a while and pull out all of your fancy dishes! I just cleaned out my cupboard last week and got rid of all the mismatched one off plates and bowls and made room for my new matching sets that I have collected over the last few weeks. I scored the most gorgeous bowls form Anthropology with blue and white swirl pattern and gold trim.

xx Malika

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Long Overdue House Make-Over

I am soooo sorry that I have not done a blog post in months….. What can I say… I have been really busy with work and life and blogging just hasn’t been a big priority. But I have been dying to share some photos of our new dining room/living room with you! When I first moved into this apartment it was just me and my son, now we are a family of three (my boyfriend moved in a few years ago). When I first decorated it, the space was quite feminine with a shabby chic style. When my boyfriend moved in, I sold my Cindy Crawford couch and tried to make it less girly but it was never “our” Style. So over the last 3 months we have done a complete overhaul and got rid of a ton of suff. We kept the couch, the teal curtains and pillow as well as the coffee coffee table but bought a new dining room set, sideboard, lighting and plants. It is a midcentury modern vibe now and it’s way less feminine. 😉 I love it!

Below are a few photos. I apologize that my photography and interior lighting skills are lacking. I was finally getting the hang of food photography…. but shooting my house is a whole other ballgame…..

If you want to see what our place looked like before, check it out here.

We also have redone our bedroom but it is not quite complete… I will leave that for my next post!


The photo at the top is of our new dining room. We got rid of our bar stools, small table, ghost chairs and the IKEA chandelier. It looks so much BETTER. The lighting is from West Elm, I love it. The only issue I have with it is that the 6 lightbulbs I had to buy for it from Home Depot cost me $100..WTF! Anyways it looks great. 🙂 The table we got from CB2 and I just love the brass with the glass top. The chairs were a steal from Stuctube. We moved the floor length mirror to this wall and the bar cart sits in the corner, I think it all came together nicely.

Ok so the photo above is of our new sideboard from Structube. If you haven’t been there, GO!! It’s awesome, great furniture pieces at great prices. A sideboard is great for hiding all of your crap that you don’t want anyone to see. The fake fiddle leaf fig tree I ordered from and the basket it sits in is from HomeSense. I got rid of my heavy IKEA cubby hole book shelf and added these light floating shelves form IKEA and Target to hold my treasures instead! I love love how it turned out.

This little nook by the window used to have a cream studded chair and a silver mirrored side table. I sold both pieces of on bidding wars. 😉 This new tray side table with black and wood legs is from HomeSense and the wish bone on top of my coffee table books I got from The floor lamp I scored from Target on my last trip across the border.

I didn’t really update my kitchen that much, I just moved a few things around and added these cute Umbra wall planters, you can get them here. I also got this cloche as a gift from my mom and found a cute cactus to go under it, LOVE. We also got new wall art, as you can see to the left. It has some teal colour in it to tie the space together and it’s from Marshall’s.

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Tray Styling and Treasures

It’s Sunday, my favourite day of the week! I’m sure it’s most peoples favourite day of the week, most of us don’t have to work, we can sleep in and enjoy a day of leisure. It’s the only day me and my hunny have off together so we cherish it. I have been so busy with work the last few weeks I have had no time for blogging! I thought it might be nice to share a few of my latest treasures I found for dirt cheap as well as my current tray styling.

I love having trays in multiple places around my house. I also love to change whats on them to give them a fresh new look. I usually change them at least every 2 months. Since we just had Valentines day, I styled one of my trays with roses, and these adorable glass bottles with gold arrows as corks. I found these gems in the strangest place, SAVE-ON-FOODS! They were on sale to boot, I think I paid $7 each for them! The white pineapple jar is my favourite, I have been looking for a good one for some time. The ones at my favourite store THE CROSS are $50, but I found this one as Real Canadian Superstore for $12!!

I love this ghost tray I also found at Superstore, I think it cost me $23! It looks so chic styled with a few coffee table books and a nice plant. This gold trimmed glass prism piece could be used as a small terrarium, I decided to just stuck a little candle inside.

This is one of my favourite scores ever! I was on a bidding wars site on Facebook when I stumbled upon this cute antique faux fur stool. I won the auction and got this gem for $20!! I am currently using this stool in our bedroom, it would look great at a nice vanity table.

What are your favourite fabulous finds?!

xxx Malika


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Home Staging


What is home staging?! 10 years ago I think a lot of people would have no clue what a “home stager” does. Today when I tell people my job is to stage homes, I think 80% of people have heard of a stager, but they’re not entirely sure of what we do. I thought it might be cool to share a little bit more about what I do since I love my job so much. Basically a home stager helps their clients prepare their home to be sale ready. The goal of staging is to make your home appealing to the highest number of potential buyer’s; it is a fact that staged homes typically sell faster and for more money.

Most people could benefit from a home staging consultation at the very least. When we go into a clients home for the first time we basically go room by room and give the homeowner homework to do to get their place in tip top shape for sale. If the homeowner has great decor and taste they don’t need to go any further than the consultation. If their place could use some “fluffing’” up we come back with rentals such as art, throw pillows, lamps and accessories. Typically a home stager would come back the day the photos would be taken for the listing and arrange all the rentals to make the clients home look its best, kind of like a show home. People love seeing the “before” and “after” home makeover and that’s why shows on HGTV like love it or list it and flip or flop are so popular. As easy as it may seem on TV, its harder then it looks. It’s one thing to see a home makeover show on TV and is whole other beast to try to do it yourself on your own home.

The main difference between decorating your home and staging your home is that decorating is how you would like your home to look to suit your personal taste. The end goal of staging is to make your house more neutral and appealing to a wide variety of buyers. You may love leopard print pillows in every room and pink walls but that is not what the typical buyer wants to see when they come to your open house. Stagers gently nudge clients to tuck away special decor and treasures for when they move and leave a more neutral space for potential clients. It’s a fact that most buyers have no imagination and they need to be shown how to arrange furniture to maximize a small space or to turn rooms back into their intended purpose. Here are my top 5 tips for getting your home ready for sale.

 1. Clean your house from top to bottom! Buyers do not want to think about having to clean once they move in. Nothing will turn off a buyer more then seeing dirty windows and moldy grout in your bathroom. Take the time to deep clean your house before it hits the market, or better yet, hire a professional cleaner.2

2. Declutter your home. It’s hard to see a space for what is it if it’s full of clutter. Before your home hits the market, take a few days to get rid of stuff you don’t need and want. Then pack up extra treasures that are overcrowding your bookshelf or room so the space feels light and fresh.

3.  Lighting makes a big difference. If you have a light bulb out, replace it. All rooms should have good lighting. If they don’t have a large window, make sure there is overhead lighting and lamps to make the room feel inviting and cozy.

4. Painting goes a long way. If your home is fairly new, you probably don’t need to repaint. If your home is over 10 years old, you should probably consider re-painting the most used rooms. A fresh coat of paint can make a HUGE impact on a home. If the walls are dark, lighten them up. Make all the rooms on the main floor the same color. The top 2 paint collars right now are light grey and off white.

5. Refresh your home. Not everyone has the budget to go out and buy new decor, but simple things like new white fresh towels in your bathroom and new crisp white sheets in your bedroom can make your home feel clean and fresh and will make your MLS photos look much better.

There are definitely more then 5 things to do to get your home ready for sale, including re-arranging furniture, replacing flooring, power washing your house & deck to name a few. I think it’s well worth the money to have a professional stager come and give you a list of things you should do to get your place ready for sale. Some of you are design inclined and you might be able to get your home “sale” ready on your own, but the majority of people need a fresh set of eyes to see your home from a buyers perspective. I like to call real estate shopping online a little like online dating, you only have one chance to make a good first impression! That’s why staging your home is so important.

xx Malika

Here are some Before and After photos of an occupied home I staged last week.

Before – Storage

After – Office


Bedroom – Before

Bedroom – After

Living Room – Before

Living Room- After

Note: The before photos are not great as they were taken on my iPhone at night. The after photos are taken by the talented professional photographer Stacy Thomas. 🙂

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