Meaningful Map Art

When Mapiful contacted me and asked if I would like to become a partner I did not hesitate. There meaningful maps and custom art are a great gift idea or great way make a special date into art for any room in your home. I just got married recently so of course I have a meaningful date I wanted to pick. We got married on September 20th and this map is of the stars that night! It’s a great art piece for my floating shelves in my dining room.

I love the blue and white star map with the gold frame I picked up at ikea. It totally suits our existing decor and its a great conversation piece when fiends come over. What a great gift to give as a wedding or anniversary present?! They also have prints for your zodiac sign, a map of your favourite city you have travelled to or just an amazing night you want to remember with the stars and constellations. Go check them out here.

Right now you can save Get 20% off a print + frame! ❤️ The perfect love story is your love story. Use the code: VAL20.

xxx Malika

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Home Tour Part 2

Another project on our home list was completed last weekend. I am so happy with the results! We spent a pretty penny on our wedding photos and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I have always wanted a black an white gallery wall so this was the perfect match. I did it in the hallway going down the stairs from the bedrooms to the main floor. I didn’t want it in your face when guests come over but in a special place so my family can see it daily.

Our new bedroom is quite similar to our old one in our last condo in size and shape. We used all the existing furniture since I’m still happy with the decor. I do want to paint a grey feature wall behind our bed like I did before in our old room. It will make my feather wall art stand out more. It’s on the list of projects to do. 😉 We did get new bedding for our wedding so that always makes a room feel refreshed.

Dresser decor changes seasonally but I love plants, candles and personal photos to wake up to every morning.

This is our entryway on the lower level of the townhouse, we come in most often through the garage so I wanted a space that was functional but also attractive. My hubby also wanted a wood working project so he bought some wood and made this hook for the kids to hang up there back packs and jackets on when they come home. The dresser/console is great for storage and odds and ends. I picked a photo of each or our boys to personalize the space it and make feel special for the kids.

I am sure we have many more projects to do over the next few years around our new home. Next project will probably be to decorate our patio for the summer!

What projects are you up to this New Year?

xx Malika

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New Home Tour

Well it has been 4 months since we moved into our new townhouse! It is really starting to feel like home. We kept my husbands sectional, a few side tables from my old condo, his TV and his bar stools but other then that all of the furniture on the main floor is new. We custom ordered a 7 foot long maple table from a local wood working company and it just arrived before Christmas. I love it, it definitely finished off the whole floor including the dining room! It was hard to spend months without one, but totally worth the wait. I lived in a condo for 7 years so finally having a home with a front door and small cement pad to style at the front of our townhouse has been fun. I get to change the door wreaths with the seasons and I ordered a fun front door mat which I have always wanted.

The living room needed a bigger rug then we had in our old condo so we found this light moroccan pattered one on wayfair. I also got rid of my husbands heavy brown wood coffee table and upgraded to this very cool metal round one from urban barn. The moroccan pouf was from my old condo and I love it for its added texture and bohemian vibe. I seem to gravitate towards gallery walls in my living room so I can switch out art pieces when I get bored.

We have quite a bit of room in the dining area so we could afford a big table. I had the gold bar cart and love it so we centered it between the living room and dining room. I hung the gold mirror above it long before we had the table so I knew I needed to either do one large piece of art or floating shelves in the dining room. I love to change my decor seasonally so having shelves made the most sense. I love how the shelves turned out. I decided to go with practicality on the dining chairs and get these plastic white eiffel chairs from Rona so that I would not freak out when the kids made a mess. They are so easy to wipe down with a magic eraser.

I love these shelves and I love that each shelf has things that mean something to me. The black beer growler with papas grass is from a local brewery me and my husband go to often. The pampas grass is from our rental home we loved in for the summer. The dried eucalyptus branches are from our wedding flowers. Each item is beautiful and makes me smile when I think about where it came from or what it means to me.

Last but not least on the main floor is our brand new white kitchen! I have never owned my own home before (my hubby has) I have always rented. So this alone was a major life milestone for me. Having the home be gorgeous and brand new was a major bonus. I love that our white cabinets feel so clean and fresh. I also love the creamy beige backsplash that keeps the room feeling warm. I have tried to keep the countertops as clutter free as possible but that is always hard lol. I looked for a while before I found these cool black and wood pendent lights for above the island. I scored them for super cheap at HomeSense. It all came together and I couldn’t be happier. I will share more of our home in the new year.

xxx Malika

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Holiday Home Tour

Oh my goodness it’s less then a week away from Christmas!! Time has flown by so fast these past few weeks. I was so excited to decorate for the holidays in our brand new home. I bought a new christmas tree on sale last year after christmas and never took it out of the box until I put it up a few weeks ago. It’s a real beauty, the best tree I’ve ever had! I love that its flocked, tall and slender. Its perfect!

I have styled a few different areas around the house, but most of the decor is on the main floor. I have floating shelves in my dining room and they are all styled with simple but festive decor.

I always like to give my bar cart a festive feeling by adding sparkly trees, wreaths and pine cones to make it feel all dressed up for the holidays.

I also get to style the lower level entry console with a bit of festive decor so when we come in through the garage we are greeted by some Christmas cheer. I’m really into using holiday items that feel natural this year. Bringing trees, wood elements, pinecones and candles around the house this year.

What are your favourite places to decorate for the holidays?

XX Malika

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Setting the Table for Holiday Dinners

This is the first Christmas me and my (newly married) husband will spend together in our new home! Wow what a crazy year, we sold his condo right before COVID hit and bought a beautiful brand new townhouse. We moved into the home just before we got married in September. This is the first home I personally have ever owned myself so it feels very special! We have spent the last few months decorating it and making it feel like ours. The last thing to come is our custom made dining table which arrives tomorrow and I couldn’t not be more excited that it is coming before Christmas day.

I styled our brown wood loaner table (which I borrowed from my work) earlier this month to do a practice run for the real Christmas dinner! I did not have a dining room or table last year in our condo so we ate dinner on bar stools in the kitchen. So I’m obviously over the moon happy to be in this beautiful home with a brand new kitchen and proper dining room to make dinner in this year.

I wanted it to look festive with natural elements. I didn’t need to buy much to make this table look amazing. I picked up the distresses gold short candle holder at a thrift sore for $1 and the pinecones and twine are from the dollar store. I was perusing Pinterest and decided that I really wanted to do black napkins this year. I don’t have any napkin rings so I made some with small gold ornaments and twine, cute right?! The felt deer wine glass charms I also found at the dollar store. I foraged some fresh greenery in the woods by my house and layered the centre of the table it, some green and gold candles (I had already) and pine cones. Super simple and looks gorgeous. I used green and wood chargers under the dinner plates. This table took less then 15 minutes to set up. I hope it inspires you. I will share more about my new home soon.

xx Malika

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Homemade Christmas Decor

Well I am so happy that it is December and one of my favourite holidays. This year has been long and tough on everyone and I’m sure we are all glad to be moving on to a new year! I must admit I am not as crafty as I would like to be but since I have a bit more free time this year I have decided to try this festive trend of making Christmas ornaments with dried oranges. It is pretty easy and fun and you will be proud of yourself when you get to use them around your home.

I have seen lots of pretty garlands on pinterest with wood beads and oranges and that was my goal in the beginning but after searching for 2 days and several stores with no luck finding any beads. I decided to think outside the box and use another material. I found a bag of small round wood slices at the dollar store. I knew it would look just as cute and rustic. I found one small string of wood beads with a tassel on the end so I decided that could be the middle of my garland. It was super fun to make and it looks great in my kitchen. I made a few smaller ones and used them on my tree for ornaments and one my front door wreath.

What are some of your favourite Christmas crafts to make??

For this project you just need some twine string (I bought at the dollar store.) A long thick sewing needle, 3 oranges, wood rounds.


Cut the orange into 1/4 inch slices, bake in the oven on parchment paper at 250 degrees for 2-3 hours until all the justice is dried up and they are solid.

String the wood and orange slices on the twine with the sewing needle in any pattern or order you like.

Enjoy your beautiful garland!

xx Malika

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Update for 2020

Wow 2020 has been a very strange and busy year for me. I’m sure it’s not the year anyone planned for! Amidst all of this crazy COVID stuff my family and me have gone through some major changes. I got Married, we sold my husbands condo, we bought a brand new townhouse and we moved to a rental house for 4 months while our home was being completed. The home we rented was a 50 year old house on the top of a hill in the woods.

Just what my family needed while we were all on lock down from school and work. Lots of outside space for our kids and dogs to play and spread out so we didn’t kill each other. The house is not a house I ever saw myself living in long term without some major renovations but definitely fun for a short period of time.

I got to have my very first flower boxes off our kitchen window sills. We had a great old stone fireplace in the sunken living room for cozy nights indoors. The kids got to play hockey in the unfinished basement and build forts in the woods. We had happy hour on our very own cliff (bluff) most nights in the summer. We sat on camping chairs enjoying the amazing view and feeling grateful.

It was a great experience for both our kids and for us. The kids played outside more than they ever have since they did not need as much adult supervision. My hubby got to mow the lawn which is basically free exercise. 😉 I got to have a real laundry room in the basement for the first time in forever so I didn’t have to see my clothes rack drying clothes all over the house!

View from our patio off the back of the house

We had fun in this temporary house but I am so glad we are in our brand new townhouse by Polygone. The rental always felt dirty since the kitchen and floors were so old. It seemed like there were bugs and cobwebs in every corner and the bathroom always felt grimy. We have been in our new home for 2 months now and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. The decor is not all finished as we custom ordered a dining room table and it has yet to arrive. I can’t wait to start sharing some of our new home with your soon! I feel cozy and comfortable in our new home and I know our family will have lots of great memories in it.

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Top 5 Tips On How To Get Your Home Ready For Sale

Well I can say from personal experience that selling your home is one of the most stressful things you will ever do! I have picked all the hard things this year as I am also planning my wedding in September and trying to buy a new home. I like to do all the hard things at once. I’m a professional stager and I have spent the last 5 years telling clients what to do to get their homes to get them ready for sale. I can say it feels pretty stressful being on the other end of things.  I have a new appreciation for homeowners and what they need to do to show there homes in the best possible light. Here are my top 5 suggestions for having your home sell fast.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean. There is nothing worse then going to view a home and finding it dirty and disorganized. It’s very hard for potential buyers to see past the grime and clutter. You only get one first impression with the potential buyer and you want to make it a good one! I am a fairly clean and tidy person, but I had a professional cleaner come in and do a very thorough deep clean the day before the open house so my home was in tip top shape.
  2. Declutter. When you have lived in a home for many years you tend to collect a lot of stuff. Buyers do not need to see all of your stuff! I always tell clients to edit their personal items when they are listing their home. Tiny knick knacks from trips or sentimental gifts do not show well and should be put away when you are selling your home. A few key decor items is all you need out when buyers are coming through your home.
  3. Depersonalize. Having your family photos all over the home makes it hard for potential buyers to imagine their families living in your space. Editing your home of anything personal including family calendars on fridges and teen posters in bedrooms is always a good idea.
  4. Neutralize your home. We don’t all share the same taste, so any crazy decor items like leopard print rugs or zebra pillows can probably go into storage until your home sells. Creating a space that is inviting to almost any buyer is key. Complimentary pops of colour in your home will show well in listing photos. Using colour in throw pillows and decor accents is a good idea as long as the rest of the home is a neutral palate. Painting can go along way, if you have purple or red walls, that is a turn off for many buyers. So spend the time and a bit of money so your home is move in ready.  Choose light paint colours when getting your home ready to sell.
  5. Staging. Even this professional stager needed to stage my own home! Yes I probably live a little different than the average person as I am very into decorating and living in a stylish home, but I still asked one of my colleges to come over with a fresh pair of eyes and tell me if I need to move or edit anything and I did! She got me to move a few things around so my place would look better in photos. We currently have my hubby working from home and his home office is in the dining room. I knew we had to turn the space back into its designated purpose to show buyers that our condo could have an eating area. So we took apart his desk and brought in a dining table and chairs so that we could show our home in the best possible light. Hiring a stager if only to tweak a few things is definitely worth it.

We sold our condo in one week with only one weekend of open houses. So the proof is in the pudding! Do the work and you will see great results. It’s very stressful keeping your home clean and clutter free, I know now first hand. So doing the work before selling makes the process easier and less stressful as you will most likely sell your home faster and for more money. Good luck, the next hard step for me is finding our new home…..I will keep you posted when we find one. 😉

Home office, before staging.

After staging.

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Holiday Decor 2019 Part 2

Here is a little tour of the rest of our home decorated for the holidays! Our condo is small, under 850 square feet, so I didn’t want to over decorate and make it look tacky. Again not all of my decor made it out this year, and thats ok. I love to decorate my entry console and change it slightly every year. This year is all gold and sparkly trees.

I tried very hard not to buy much this year but as always a few new things made it home with me. One was a wooden snow flake ornament that me and my hubby bought together in Montreal. I also found two cute doggy ornaments that you put your dogs photos in to hang on the tree. We have two dogs now, Caia and Honey. I also scored the cute sparkly bird in my entry way display for 70% off so I just couldn’t resist.

I usually have trays on my coffee table with decor as well as my dining table but we no longer have a dinging table, that area is an office.  The coffee table is much more simple with some books and beads as we have two boys who play in the living room and I wanted it to feel less formal.

As always I decked out the bar cart to make it feel festive and have another place to add holiday decor. Just adding a few simple things can make it feel festive, a tree, a cute sign and some reindeer. 😉

And last but not least is my white tree. I have had this tree for about 5 years now, unfortunately it is starting to turn a bit yellow. My hubby likes a green tree and so I snagged a new one one sale last week for next year. I can’t wait to have a green flocked tree, it will be my first. This year I let the kids and my hubby go first when we decorated it and they put up all the hand made and sentimental ornaments on first. My fiancé has decorations from when he was a kid, it’s very cute that he is so sentimental about Christmas, Then I added my favourites. The tree is packed very full this year!

The count down is on, only one week till Christmas now!!

xx Malika

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Holiday Bedroom Decor

I am sure most of you have already started or finished all of your holiday decorating. I can’t believe there is only 12 days until Christmas! December always sneaks up on me and then flies by so fast. I thought this year I would do 2 Christmas decor posts, starting with our bedroom. I personally love to go back and see photos of what I did the year before. I use most of the same items but always find new ways to display them every year.

This year is the first year decorating with my new hubby and our newly blended family. He has had his own traditions and Christmas decorations long before he ever met me so I knew we were going to have to compromise when deciding what decor would make it into our small condo this year. We definitely don’t have room for 2 trees! My hubby grew up collecting Christmas Villages and that is something special and important to him so we made room for his village in our bedroom on one of our dressers. At first I was not sure if I would like it (to be honest I have never seen one up close before) but its actually quite sweet and I enjoy looking at it at night when its all lit up.

I chose to display my gold tree and reindeer display up on the second dresser in our room and it turned out quite pretty. My ‘Tis the season wood sign normally hung above my old fire place but our new home does not have one so I thought hanging it above the bed this year would be quite festive. We both didn’t get to put out all of our old Christmas stuff but I am happy with the way our home looks and feels this holiday season. It’s a blend of both our families starting new traditions. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

xx Malika


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