Another project on our home list was completed last weekend. I am so happy with the results! We spent a pretty penny on our wedding photos and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I have always wanted a black an white gallery wall so this was the perfect match. I did it in the hallway going down the stairs from the bedrooms to the main floor. I didn’t want it in your face when guests come over but in a special place so my family can see it daily.

Our new bedroom is quite similar to our old one in our last condo in size and shape. We used all the existing furniture since I’m still happy with the decor. I do want to paint a grey feature wall behind our bed like I did before in our old room. It will make my feather wall art stand out more. It’s on the list of projects to do. 😉 We did get new bedding for our wedding so that always makes a room feel refreshed.

Dresser decor changes seasonally but I love plants, candles and personal photos to wake up to every morning.

This is our entryway on the lower level of the townhouse, we come in most often through the garage so I wanted a space that was functional but also attractive. My hubby also wanted a wood working project so he bought some wood and made this hook for the kids to hang up there back packs and jackets on when they come home. The dresser/console is great for storage and odds and ends. I picked a photo of each or our boys to personalize the space it and make feel special for the kids.

I am sure we have many more projects to do over the next few years around our new home. Next project will probably be to decorate our patio for the summer!

What projects are you up to this New Year?

xx Malika