Wow 2020 has been a very strange and busy year for me. I’m sure it’s not the year anyone planned for! Amidst all of this crazy COVID stuff my family and me have gone through some major changes. I got Married, we sold my husbands condo, we bought a brand new townhouse and we moved to a rental house for 4 months while our home was being completed. The home we rented was a 50 year old house on the top of a hill in the woods.

Just what my family needed while we were all on lock down from school and work. Lots of outside space for our kids and dogs to play and spread out so we didn’t kill each other. The house is not a house I ever saw myself living in long term without some major renovations but definitely fun for a short period of time.

I got to have my very first flower boxes off our kitchen window sills. We had a great old stone fireplace in the sunken living room for cozy nights indoors. The kids got to play hockey in the unfinished basement and build forts in the woods. We had happy hour on our very own cliff (bluff) most nights in the summer. We sat on camping chairs enjoying the amazing view and feeling grateful.

It was a great experience for both our kids and for us. The kids played outside more than they ever have since they did not need as much adult supervision. My hubby got to mow the lawn which is basically free exercise. 😉 I got to have a real laundry room in the basement for the first time in forever so I didn’t have to see my clothes rack drying clothes all over the house!

View from our patio off the back of the house

We had fun in this temporary house but I am so glad we are in our brand new townhouse by Polygone. The rental always felt dirty since the kitchen and floors were so old. It seemed like there were bugs and cobwebs in every corner and the bathroom always felt grimy. We have been in our new home for 2 months now and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. The decor is not all finished as we custom ordered a dining room table and it has yet to arrive. I can’t wait to start sharing some of our new home with your soon! I feel cozy and comfortable in our new home and I know our family will have lots of great memories in it.