We are very lucky here on the West Coast with all the sunshine we have been getting this spring! I don’t know about you but finding stuff to do with your kids now that they are home 24/7 is not an easy task. Don’t even get me started on trying to home school them. Right now parents are expected to be the chef, house cleaner, teacher, parent, sports coach, wife/husband as well as work from home, this is hard! We try to get our 2 boys out of the house at least 1 hour a day so they can burn off some energy and move around. Sometimes its just a walk to the park or a simple bike ride. Sometimes it’s more creative and I know they enjoy this special time with us. I hope some of these memories last a lifetime for them. Some of these ideas are for beautiful sunny days and others like today are great activities to do indoors when the weather is not so nice. Enjoy!

xxx Malika


  1. BUILD A FORT-  Go outside and build a fort! Such a fun and easy way to be out in nature. You don’t need to bring your tool box you just have to use your imagination. We went down to the river by our house and the boys collected sticks and they build this cool fort in less than an hour. Now when we go for a bike ride to the river we always go and see if its still there.

2. GO FOR A PICNIC – Pack up lunch or dinner and head to your favourite secluded spot and have a meal outside. We have done this a few times now. One night we went for dinner at the beach and another time we ate by the river. It does not have to be fancy. Sandwiches, fruit, chips, cheese and crackers are all easy to bring. We even snuck in some beer. 😉 Bring a blanket and enjoy eating outside, your kids will love it.

3. GAME NIGHT – Who doesn’t love a good board game night?! I have fond memories or playing Yahtzee and monopoly with my family as a kid. We have at least 8 broad games but Yahtzee seems to be the kids favourite game right now and we look forward to our weekly game night. It’s a great way to bond with your kids without leaving the house and wine is always allowed. 😉


4. PLAY SPORTS – My boys were supposed to be in the first season of Baseball this spring. Due to this outbreak, baseball like all sports has been cancelled. Instead we have taken the boys to a small park by our condo and got them to practice batting and catching. If baseball is not your thing, there are so many things you can outdoor sports to play with your kids. Frisbee is one of my favourites, try croquet, soccer or basketball if you have a driveway or a big yard.



5. BAKE COOKIES – Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies? Right now families have never had to cook more meals at home then we have in the last month due to COVID-19. Why not get your kids involved in helping in the process. It’s a good life skill to learn (cooking) and its one they should enjoy when they get to eat the cookies that they helped bake! If cookies are not your thing go to Pinterest and find a yummy treat your family would love to eat and get baking. I used this recipe and they were so soft and yummy minus the walnuts…. I am not a fan of nuts in my cookies!