I am sure most of you have already started or finished all of your holiday decorating. I can’t believe there is only 12 days until Christmas! December always sneaks up on me and then flies by so fast. I thought this year I would do 2 Christmas decor posts, starting with our bedroom. I personally love to go back and see photos of what I did the year before. I use most of the same items but always find new ways to display them every year.

This year is the first year decorating with my new hubby and our newly blended family. He has had his own traditions and Christmas decorations long before he ever met me so I knew we were going to have to compromise when deciding what decor would make it into our small condo this year. We definitely don’t have room for 2 trees! My hubby grew up collecting Christmas Villages and that is something special and important to him so we made room for his village in our bedroom on one of our dressers. At first I was not sure if I would like it (to be honest I have never seen one up close before) but its actually quite sweet and I enjoy looking at it at night when its all lit up.

I chose to display my gold tree and reindeer display up on the second dresser in our room and it turned out quite pretty. My ‘Tis the season wood sign normally hung above my old fire place but our new home does not have one so I thought hanging it above the bed this year would be quite festive. We both didn’t get to put out all of our old Christmas stuff but I am happy with the way our home looks and feels this holiday season. It’s a blend of both our families starting new traditions. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

xx Malika