I can’t believe that summer is more then half way through…a few more weeks and I will be back to full on boss lady mode. The kids go back to school, work will be very busy and weekends will slow down. I feel like summer lets go of all routines and There is something about the summer heat that makes me want to spend all day at the pool/lake and live on fruit and sandwiches. I hate using my oven and stove when its hot, so basically we live on cold food and take out in the summer. 😉

I plan on enjoying my patio for as long as the weather permits, which could take me into the middle of fall. Since moving to a condo, the concept of using every square foot as living space is huge! I want my patio to feel like an extension of my home. I know condo patios can feel small and grimy, especially with strata rules about deck cleaning. I always recommend to my clients to throw an outdoor rug on their patios or buy some outdoor flooring from IKEA. It really warms up the space when you feel good outside with bare feet. The next step is to create a seating area that fits your space, if you have large patio, you can buy an outdoor sectional or couch set. If you are like me, you need to keep it small and simple. Adding outdoor pillow is a MUST! 🙂 Then I would add some candles or lanterns to give the place some mood lighting at night. I also hung some mini outdoor lights outside for that glass of wine after the sun sets. Last but not least, you NEED to have plants on your patio/deck. Your space just wont feel alive and cozy without them. It is way too hot here in Vancouver and I am certainly no green thumb so all of my patio plants are fake. They last way longer and I don’t have any guilt over killing them. I found my faux lemon tree from Superstore!! If you are a gardener, by all means buy real plants to make your patio feel inviting and lush. This is actually the best time the year to buy patio items for next year as everything is on sale, winning!

xx Malika