Hopefully you have already read my first post where I shared how I get my style inspiration and where I like to shop for treasures. In the first post I showed you my kitchen, living room and dining area. Today I am going to share with you my office “nook” and our bedroom. I have a love hate relationship with our bedroom. I love the curtains, lamps and pillows. I hate the side tables and dark wood and leather headboard! I have had this set for 4 years and my taste has definitely changed. I really want a grey fabric tufted headboard and cool modern side tables, but I have decided to keep these until we move to a bigger home. So as much as they bother me, I have to work with them. 😉

The curtains I got from my favourite store… HomeSense. The lamps are from Home Outfitters. They took me a long time to find, I was trying to find something chic but not too feminine and my boyfriend agreed that he liked these. The gold mirror above the bed is new and I absolutely adore it! It is from HomeSense. The black and white snuggle pillow is from the Dyna Lee Collection and the white fur heart pillow is from my talented sister-in-laws shop called Shenasi Concept. The word art “all of me loves all of you” sign is from Burlington Coat Factory across the border. The “pendant ikea lamp” is actually not a working lamp. I got the outer shell of the lamp in the as-is section of the store for $5 and the lamp part is missing. I think it looks like a beautiful snowball above our bed. 🙂

Like all couples we each have our own side of the bed to sleep on and a side table. I tried to keep his side more “manly” with a clock, book and plant. My side is more feminine with a jar of silk roses and a romantic photo of us. 😉 I’m sure most men are the same as mine in the fact that they hate to deal with taking the throw pillows on and off the bed. But I think my man secretly likes the way they look and make the bed feel cozy. The mint coloured throw pillows are from Home Outfitters.

My “office” is in a very small area across from the dining room. It’s a bit cluttered but I just love all of the things in and around it so I guess it will just have to stay cluttered. 😉 I dream of having my own office space in our next home….. To make the space feel bigger I have a large free standing mirror beside it from HomeSense. The white side table/desk organizer unit is from Ikea. The white word art is from a blogger conference and the blue and gold one on my desk is from Chapters. The studded cream chair is also from HomeSense. To be honest, I do a lot of my blogging and work on my laptop on my couch but I use my desk to organize and plan my life. I am a big fan of notebooks and planners with cute quotes and pretty colours.

I also love having  a framed cork board in my office space. It is great for pinning up invitations or pretty cards or photos. It’s an easy way to change up the look of the office when I want to  “refresh” the space. This cute lamp I bought 4 years ago at Target and I still like it. The wood M is from Winners. What is your favourite thing on your desk?

xx Malika