Tempeh Burger

Happy Friday! 🙂 I know hamburgers are one most peoples food favourite foods. My boyfriend loves a good burger! Last year I took him to the Naam for lunch and he tried a Tempeh Burger, he looooved it. Ever since he has asked me to re-create it at home for him, and I finally did. I think this recipe is a game changer……not to toot my own horn or anything. 😉 I found these great gluten free buns to serve it on. If you want the beet hummus recipe, it is in the free spring recipe ebook you get when you sign up for my newsletter. I served my burger with homemade cajun fries and it was the perfect treat. I hope you all  have an amazing weekend. 🙂

xx Malika

Tempeh burger heaven

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The Best Tempeh Burger Ever!
Recipe type: Burger
Cuisine: Vegan, gluten free
Serves: 2
  • 1 package of Smoked Tempeh
  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 2 tbs braggs or soy sauce
  • 1 tbs honey
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • Toppings:
  • 2 tbsp grated goat cheese cheddar
  • 1 ripe avocado, sliced
  • 2 tsp vegenaise or mayo
  • 2 tbs beet hummus
  • 2 Burger buns
  1. Preheat your even to 375 degrees.Slice your tempeh into 6 thick strips.
  2. In a small baking dish, whisk together all of the the sauce ingredients. Lay the tempeh into the marinade and make on each side for 10-15 minutes. Tempeh should be cripsy but not burnt when done.
  3. Melt the cheese onto the tempeh in the oven for 3 minutes.
  4. Layer your toppings into your bun.
  5. Serve with salad or home fries and enjoy!


Tempeh Burger with beet hummus