Vodka and elderberry

It’s holiday time!! 🙂 Which means you may be having a cocktail or 2….! I usually just stick to wine but I do enjoy a cocktail from time to time. This pomegranate and elderberry sparkling drink is just delicious, so refreshing. I served it to my girlfriend the other night and we both loved it. When I serve drinks, I like to serve snacks too. I am loving these cassava chips from Pura Vida. Cassava is a nutty flavored, starchy tuber of South American origin. Sweet and crunchy, it has been a popular edible root for centuries among many ancient cultures of the world. It’s a great alternative to potato chips and its healthier too. What is your favourite holiday drink or cocktail?!!

xx Malika

Vodka Elderberry drink

Elderberry and Pomegranate Cocktail
Recipe type: Drink
Serves: 2
  • 3 shots vodka
  • sparkling pomegranate and elderberry juice
  • ice
  1. Shake the vodka over ice and then pour over ice into glasses, top up with sparkling juice
  2. Serve and enjoy!

elderberry cocktail