Immumity boosters

We all know that when the warm weather fades and fall sets in that cold and flu season is here. If you work outside your home or have a child in school you know how easy it is to come down with something. No one likes being sick, I quite frankly don’t have time for it! So I do everything in my power not to get sick. Here are a few tips and tricks that seem to work for me.

Oil of Oregano: I have a love hate relationship with oil of oregano. I hate the taste, but I love it’s healing properties. It acts kind of like a weed killer by helping to eliminate some of bad bacteria that may be dominating your body. I also find that it helps sooth your soar throat. As soon as I feel the first signs of a cold coming on I always get out my oil of oregano! Just a few drops in water 3 times a day seems to help.

Sleep: You know how your mom was always telling you to get enough sleep, well she was right. We all know we need sleep to function properly, but a good nights rest will also boost your immune system and help you to stay healthy when all your co-workers are getting sick. Sleep is vital for  keeping your immune system working properly to fight off infection.

Garlic: Eating crushed garlic can help ward off sickness, it contains Allicin which is know for fighting off viruses. I would recommend cooking with it. 🙂 Make your self a big old pot of soup that will help you stay well this season. Bone broth chicken soup seems to be the best for me.

Drink Enough Water: If you’re dehydrated, your body will have a hard time fighting off any cold viruses. Make sure you are drinking lots of water and herbal  tea throughout the day. Our mucous membranes and the immune cells in their secretions defend against cold viruses, and they can’t work as well if you’re dehydrated. So drink up!


No one likes being sick, so make sure you are eating healthy real food and getting enough sleep. I find if you have a feeling you are coming down with a virus, take action right away. I always grab some extra vitamin C, and make sure I listen to my body by resting and drinking lost of warm lemon and honey tea. Take care this flu season.

xx Malika