Happy Sunday! I have been crazy busy with my other job home staging, so I haven’t been in the kitchen as much this week. I went to the Coquitlam farmers market this morning and braved the rain. We got 5 minutes of sun and then it started raining again….. oh well. I still got lots of yummy fresh organic fall produce to use up this week. I got some beets, carrots, cauliflower, leeks, potatoes, pumpkin, squash and cucumber. I think I will be making some leek and cauliflower soup perhaps and some roasted beets……. I love getting home with my fresh produce and deciding what to make. I also got some beautiful local flowers to brighten up my table. I took my boyfriend with me and he grabbed some local havarti cheese, it looks divine. Too bad I can’t have any on my special diet right now, darn it!

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I always love going to the framers market! 🙂  I wish I could get it together to go every week. I just love buying fresh food that I know is locally grown and made with care. Even the flower bouquets I know were put together with love. Hand made local cheese, freshly baked bread and home grown food just tastes better, don’t you think?! I feel happy when I am supporting local farmers and business. If you haven’t been out to the Coquitlam framers market, you should give it a go before the weather gets ugly. 😉 Hopefully I can create some new recipes this week!

xx Malika

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Market haul