Happy Friday! It’s been another amazing week here in Vancouver with lots of sun and fun on Canada day. I thought I would let you in on something I have been trying over the last 4 weeks. June 1 me and one of my friends decided to quit sugar! We each got a copy of Sarah Wilson’s book, I QUIT Sugar. We were never going to quit forever, just for 8 weeks…… Let me tell you, it has been HARD. The hardest part for me was not eating fruit. Week one you don’t go cold turkey, you try to avoid sugar and be more aware of reading labels as sugar is lurking in almost every packaged food! It’s actually quite shocking to realize how many teaspoons of sugar we are consuming a day from food you wouldn’t think had sugar in it like, bread, ketchup and mayo.

I really missed having honey in my tea for the first week and having the luxury of grabbing any condiment I want to use. Once you stop eating sugar, you have to start making sauces and dressings yourself. I thought I would notice a huge difference in my entire body…but I didn’t.  I did notice that I stopped craving sweets as much and I think I lost a bit of fat on my stomach….which is always nice. 😉 I also liked the fact that I had to plan my meals and snacks so I couldn’t make bad choices and just pop into Starbucks for a treat. I don’t think we always  realize how many times a week we are eating less then stellar food choices and they add up. I’m supposed to continue for another 4 weeks with no sugar. I plan to keep avoiding the obvious bad white processed sugar and foods that contain it but I don’t think I can avoid fruit for the rest of the summer. So my plan is to eat a bit of fruit everyday, I believe fruit is healthy and I don’t need to feel guilty for eating it! 😉

I quit sugar

After the 4 weeks is up I will continue using maple syrup, honey and coconut sugar for my baking and desserts but I now realize that “fructose” in any kind of sweetener can cause havoc on your body if you consume to much of it! Life is sweet enough and I don’t meed to add sweetness to everything I eat. I think your taste buds adapt over time and things you used to enjoy, seem way to sweet after quieting sugar. If any of you try this, I would love to hear your feedback. I’m totally glad that I did this and I will continue to try to eat less sugar in the future. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have kids. Kids theses days eat way to much sugar……but that is a whole other blog post. 😉

xx Malika