Rye Cracker creations

Wow, today really does feel like summer! 😉 I love this heat, I went to my pool today and laid out in the sun. Summer days where you don’t have to work and you can just kick back like you did when you were a kid are the best! With this summer heat comes the change in my appetite and cooking style. I definitely don’t want to spend a long time cooking over my stove or oven when my apartment is already 25 degrees. I find myself craving refreshing cold fruit like watermelon and fresh crisp salads. I don’t know about you but I can’t live on JUST fruit and salad. 😉 I need some food in my belly that has substance and keeps me full for more than an hour. These rye crackers are the perfect snack or lunch idea. You can basically load them up with anything…….. I had some different types of hummus in my fridge so I used both. I also sliced up some avocado with chill flakes and topped one with my favourite egg salad recipe. The beetroot hummus recipe is available in my free ebook that you can download when you sign up for my blog newsletter. I topped the beetroot hummus with goat cheese feta! All of these combos were delicious. Whats your favourite cracker combination?? Have a great weekend!

xx Malika

Rye crackers topped witha variety of spreads


Best snack cracker ever