brown rice

Have you guys been reading about arsenic in rice and rice products lately?! A big study came out a few years ago and apparently I totally missed it. I found the information I read about the study very disturbing, especially because I believed that brown rice was such a healthy food staple. Obviously every study and article you read on the internet needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but there is definitely some truth in this article. Basically the reason that rice has more arsenic than other foods is because it absorbs the toxins found in soil better then other crops. White rice is stripped of its outer shell so although it may not have as many nutrients as brown rice it has less arsenic in it. I wish I had known about this when my son was a baby and I was feeding him rice cereal! After reading about arsenic levels being higher in brown rice, I think I will consider buying white rice more often. I did read that rinsing your brown rice thoroughly will help remove some of the toxins. I plan on rinsing my rice from now on.

Arsenic Rice

I have to admit that rice is not my favourite health food so part of me was happy to consume more quinoa and other grains, whoever I do love rice pasta as a gluten free pasta alternative. I believe that knowledge is power, but everything in moderation. I don’t plan on banning rice from my diet, that is too extreme. Instead I will only consume rice once a week. This photo above shows which grains are the lowest in arsenic, I found it on I hope you found this information helpful so you can make more informed decisions on what you feed yourself and your family.