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Has anyone been to the famous Diner En Blanc?! It is so much fun. 🙂 This is my third year attending this event in Vancouver. It originated in Paris about 20 years ago and was brought over to Canada a few years back and is now the event of the summer in major cities across Canada. It is basically a huge pop up picnic in the middle of the cities downtown core. The last 2 years it has been held in parks overlooking the ocean, which makes for a great backdrop. You must bring everything you need for the picnic including folding chairs and table, linens, plates, cutlery and the food itself. You preorder your wine with your ticket to the event. Everyone shows up in their best white ensemble and has a picnic together. It is amazing how you can be sitting with thousands of people you don’t know but everyone is smiling and being friendly and making friends. This years event had 3,500 people attend. We picked up all of our picnic food from Granville Island. We had a fresh baguette from Terra Breads, fresh goats milk gouda cheese,hummus, spinach salad with tomatoes and bocconcini, yam and feta salad and my man got thinly shaved prosciutto. For dessert we brought creme brûlée and tiramisu!! It was divine. 😉

Diner en Blanc Picnic

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